Don Landolphi
Don Landolphi
Organization: Brooklyn College (NY)
Year: 2007 Inductee

Don Landolphi brought to baseball over fifty years of service both nationally and internationally to those players and countries that wanted to learn how to play the game.

Landolphi began playing the game on the streets of Brooklyn and then to the sand lots of Bay 8, Marine Park and the famous Parade Grounds. Stickball was the game that everyone played, but baseball soon became his passion.

Landolphi began his formal playing at St. Michael's Diocesan High School and soon afterwards at Brooklyn College. He captained both teams when he was a senior at the respected schools and upon graduation from Brooklyn College became a member of the Physical Education and Exercise Science Department. He earned three degrees during this time. Landolphi was a Full Professor at the college as well as Assistant Athletic Director, Financial Aid Advisor, and Freshman Transfer student Advisor and Counselor.

Landolphi was honored on two occasions by the students of Brooklyn College as an outstanding teacher. His ability to teach the game of baseball made him a wanted speaker at baseball clinics, not only locally, but nationally as well. He was assigned to coach baseball at the college and he turned the program around with seven consecutive winning seasons. He is the only winning coach in two sports at Brooklyn College; also having been a successful basketball coach for three years. Landolphi also had a winning record at the United States Merchant Marine Academy where he coached in 1979. He went on to coach with Joe Russo at St. John's University as an assistant and retired in 1995.

Landolphi is co-author of two baseball books: "Championship Baseball-Techniques­ Fundamental and Drills'', and "The Fundamentals of Coaching and Playing Baseball''. He has been published in many journals as well.

He has chaired the international committee for the ABCA when it was known as the American Association of College Baseball Coaches and has been an ambassador for USA Baseball and Major League Baseball International. He has conducted clinics in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

Landolphi was inducted into the Brooklyn College Hall of Fame in 1990, and retired from Brooklyn College in 2000 as Professor Emeritus.