Arthur "Dynie" Mansfield
Arthur "Dynie" Mansfield
Organization: University of Wisconsin
Year: 1970 Inductee

In the fall of 1934 Arthur "Dynie" Mansfield came to the University of Wisconsin where he was an assistant football and baseball coach. In 1940, Mansfield became the Badgers' head baseball coach, a post he would hold through 1970, compiling a 441-339 record and Big Ten titles in 1946 and 1950.

While at U.W. he organized the Big Ten 150 Lb. football league. During the two years the league existed, Wisconsin won both championships.

Mansfield was the recipient of many awards: ABCA Good Guy Award (1955), Outstanding Service to the U.S. Air Force Special Services Program (1960), Outstanding Wisconsin Sportsman, Distinguished Service Award from University of Wisconsin (1970) and Badger Boxing Elite (1973).

Mansfield was a member of the 1956 U.S. Olympic baseball committee and is a member of multiple Halls of Fame including the Madison Baseball Coaches Hall of Fame, Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame, Madison Sports Hall of Fame, Madison Pen & Mike Club-Bowman Sports Foundation Hall of Fame and University of Wisconsin Athletics Hall of Fame in 1998.

Mansfield served as president of the ABCA in 1949.