A.J. Lewandowski
A.J. Lewandowski
Organization: University of Nebraska
Year: 1968 Inductee

A.J. Lewandowski began his coaching career at the University of Montana where he joined the coaching staff as assistant football coach and head basketball coach from 1932-1937. He left Montana to return to the University of Nebraska, his alma mater, in 1937. He became head basketball coach in 1937, a position he held until 1945.

When both the head football and baseball coaches left for World War II, Lewandowski was asked to help with those teams, in addition to his basketball duties. He did this without hesitation, becoming head coach for the football team in 1943-'44 and the baseball team in 1942.

After the war, Lewandowski was able to give up his coaching positions at Nebraska, turning the football program over to George "Potsy" Clark in 1945, and the basketball program to Harry Good in 1946. But that did not end his involvement with the University.

Lewandowski continued to be an important cog in the Cornhusker Athletic Department until the 1960s. From 1945-49, he was athletic director, manager of the athletic ticket office, and maintenance superintendent.